About BilgiOil


The Bilgioil site working in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry is run by several experienced and qualified managers and experts of the International Petroleum Trading Company (IPT). Bilgioil is established to create a favorable and accessible environment for legal customers, international traders, and those factories consuming petroleum products that intend to operate in the thriving market of Iran and other oil-producing countries.

The main activity of International Petroleum Trading Company (IPT) is negotiating with buyers, consulting for purchasing oil, gas, and petrochemical products, participating in auctions and tenders of the manufacturer's workplaces, and eventually creating a good opportunity to buy the products needed by customers according to their request.

The company is committed to performing all steps of purchasing, transportation, and timely and prompt delivery of the product from the factory door to the place of delivery, as per the contract between this company and international buyer companies.

In this regard, relying on experienced consultants, we provide the products requested by our customers in the most appropriate way possible.

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