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Khuzestan petrochemical company has reached to the new record in epoxy resin production.

Khuzestan petrochemical company
The CEO of Khuzestan Petrochemical Company, referring to the new record of production of Epoxy Resin in the first 9 months of the “production leap” year, announced the operation of the production line of the new product “solid powder epoxy resin” in 2021 with the aim of eliminating the need to import similar products from the other countries is put into operation.

According to Bilgioil, quoting the NIPNA, a group of CEOs of companies consuming the epoxy resin and also the head of the downstream industry development office of the National Petrochemical Company have visited the company.

In this visit, which was carried out in line with Khuzestan Petrochemical policy based on direct and two-way communication with customers to provide their opinion on the quality of products as well as the production of new grades that they need, "Reza Saleh Ahmadi" said: referring to the policies announced by the Persian Gulf Petrochemical Company, (based on market-oriented and customer-oriented production of subsidiary petrochemical companies) the first 9 months of this year, the whole program of "epoxy resin", has been realized.

The CEO of Khuzestan Petrochemical Company announced that a new production record with the aim of meeting the needs of customers has started at the same time as the production of a new grade of "powder solid epoxy resin" in this petrochemical company.

He specified: This new product has been produced and offered by Khuzestan Petrochemical following the numerous meetings with customers and their needs.

He emphasized that following the needs assessment conducted by Khuzestan Petrochemical, on average, the domestic market needs to produce and supply about 2,500 tons of this product annually, he said: Accordingly, with the technical changes in the process of the units and production lines, the supply of this product in Khuzestan Petrochemical has begun.

Saleh Ahmadi, stating that constant and continuous conversations with customers to obtain information on market needs with the aim of offering new products and grades, and after examining the market conditions, planning for the construction and commissioning of a new production line of "powder epoxy resin" in Khuzestan Petrochemical has begun. It is predicted that this new unit will be put into operation in the first half of 2021 according to the schedule.

He stated that the production capacity of the new unit is about three thousand tons per year and added:

This unit, with Iranian knowledge and license, is going through its construction stages and has tried to use the facilities, equipment and available capacities in the factory to complete and operate.

The CEO of Khuzestan Petrochemical Company stated that "solid powder epoxy resin" is used in the production of various products, including raw materials for making all kinds of cans and with the construction of a new unit in the petrochemical industry, the import of this strategic petrochemical product will be eliminated.

In this meeting, the head of the downstream industry development office of the National Petrochemical Company also assessed the two-way communication between Khuzestan Petrochemical and customers as a positive step and said: This relationship leads to the development of industry and of course Khuzestan Petrochemical and other petrochemicals with increasing quality of their products can cut off the import of many products into the country.

Marzieh Tahmasebi pointed out: "Unfortunately, we see that some inconsistencies between government agencies sometimes cause some problems for producers."
It is necessary to connect more producers with government agencies to facilitate bureaucracy.

Jan 10, 2021 20:01
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